Al Futooh Intl. Group

Al-Futooh International Group has uniquely positioned itself in the heart of the world’s most prolific hydrocarbons provinces as a young and growing licensed distributo for Castrol products in Kuwait.

The Group has enjoyed fluid growth, smooth success, accelerated progress and top notch performance in a market that has responded positively to its products & services.

The foundation of Al-Futooh International Group was laid when it started operation as a licensed distributor for Castrol lubricants in Kuwait. Established in 2001, Al Futooh International Group is also diversified into Health Quest, the food station for healthy diest food and Auto Quest, the one stop shop for car care.

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Trucking Markets

We offer a number of motor oils, lubricants and fuel additives for the trucking industry.

Commercial Vehicles

We have a range of products to meet all the needs of owners/operators of trucsk of varying payload capacities.

Passenger Cars

Castrol’s expertise has developed alongside the motorcar. As engines became complex, our lubricants have also become more advanced and sophisticated.

Marine Markets

Be it for business or pleasure, boat and yacht owners have come to rely on our specialized lubricants to handle the really though lubrication jobs. We offer a specifically blended a product line highly suited to the boating and marine industries, which helps ensure that you get the maximum performance.


Engines now a days generate huge amount of power that is demanded by consumer needs. Proper lubrication is required to keep the engine parts safe and running for a long time. We provide high quality lubrication solutions suitable for your vehicle engine.


While constantly striving to provide high quality solutions, we also try to keep the prices as fair as possible. Our customers are as satisfied with pricing as they are with the quality. And we are known for providing Quality Products.


A proper engine specific solution can only be provided if all the necessary products are available in stock. We always keep our stock updated so that we get to server each and every customer visiting us with any kind of automobile.

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Al Futooh Intl. Group
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